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Policy Manual

6330 - Acquisition of Professional Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, Landscape Architectural, or Land Surveying Services

Announcement and Qualification

The acquisition of professional architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, land surveying, or construction management services shall be accomplished in accordance with Florida statutes to accomplish the selection of the most highly qualified firms.

All announcements soliciting professional services will be published in a uniform and consistent manner as required by Florida statutes.

Professional Services Selection Committee

There shall be a professional services selection committee. This committee will evaluate and rank prospective providers of professional services. The committee shall have seven voting members: the Deputy Superintendent for Operations (or qualified designee); the Chief Diversity Officer or representative, one member of the Hillsborough County Council PTA/PTSA or one member from the Citizens Advisory Committee; one representative from the Administrative Division; one representative from the Office of Teaching and Learning; one representative from the Planning and Construction Department; and one representative from the Maintenance Department.

The committee shall consider each firm's small business status or demonstrated commitment to the small business goals of the Board in addition to consideration of the qualification criteria identified in Florida statutes.

The committee shall interview no fewer than three firms prior to establishing an order of preference of the firms deemed most qualified. When evaluating firms concurrently for multiple projects, the committee shall interview no fewer than the number of firms equal to the number of projects under consideration plus two. When the number of qualified firms is less than the number determined above, all qualified firms shall be interviewed.  Interviews shall not be required when selecting firms for continuing service agreements.

Competitive Negotiation

The Superintendent shall negotiate with the firm ranked number one by the professional services selection committee for each project. If negotiations are successful, a recommendation to contract shall be submitted to the Board for its consideration. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the Superintendent shall terminate negotiations with the higher ranked firm and commence negotiations with the next highest ranked firm. If negotiations are terminated with a firm, and commenced with the next highest firm, the Superintendent will not negotiate with the original firm without first re-advertising for proposals.

When selecting firms for continuing services agreements, the Superintendent shall negotiate with firms in the order of their ranking by the selection committee until negotiations are successfully concluded with the number of firms required.

Selection of Prototypes for Reuse

In accordance with Florida statutes, the Superintendent shall recommend reuse of existing construction documents or design criteria packages when such reuse is feasible and practical, as an alternative to the acquisition of design services prescribed herein. 

The Superintendent shall convene a review committee for the purpose of evaluating alternative plans for reuse. The review committee shall be comprised of representatives of the District's maintenance and construction departments, the Deputy Superintendent for Operations, and the area superintendent for the facility to be built.

At a minimum, the committee shall consider the maintainability, functionality, energy efficiency, construction cost, and congruence of the design with the proposed site and surrounding environment. The committee shall collect input from the principals and maintenance supervisors at each of the existing facilities for which reuse of the plans is being considered, and shall receive a presentation from each respective architect on the potential adaptation of his/her design to the site, prior to formulating a recommendation for reuse. The committee shall rank the plans under consideration.

The Superintendent shall negotiate with the firm responsible for the highest ranked design. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the Superintendent shall negotiate with other firms providing suitable designs, in order of the review committee's ranking of their design. Should the Superintendent be unable to complete successful negotiations for the reuse of a suitable design, the Superintendent shall advertise for professional services for a new design in accordance with this policy.

Board Recommendation

At the conclusion of successful contract negotiations and at the time of determining the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), the Superintendent shall recommend a full award of a contract for the Board's consideration and approval.

Standard Contracts

The Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to execute contracts pursuant to Board award. Standard contract documents for use in the acquisition of all professional services shall be developed and maintained. Contracts for construction management services shall include provisions for bonds and payments similar to those required for construction contracts pursuant to bids.

Additional Services

The Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to acquire additional architectural and engineering services from selected firms for the project for which they were selected.


Protests related to the acquisition of services provided for herein shall be governed by the provisions for bid protests found in Policy 6331, Construction Contracting.

F.S. 287.055, 1001.43, 1013.45
F.A.C 6A-2.0010

Revised January 15, 2019

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