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Policy Manual

0150 - Organization


Organizational Meeting


As provided by law, the Board shall organize each year on the third Tuesday after the first Monday in November.


F.S. 1001.371





The organizational meeting shall be called to order by the Superintendent, who shall preside until the organization is complete.


After new members have received the oath of office, elections of officers shall be by majority vote of members physically present.



Officers shall serve for one year and until their respective successors are elected and shall qualify.



In the event that the office of Chairman or Vice-Chairman becomes vacant, the Board shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term at the ensuing regular or special meeting in the same manner as the election conducted at the organization meeting.


F.S. 1001.371, 1001.462


The Superintendent shall be the secretary and executive officer of the Board.


F.S. 1001.48




Within six weeks of the organizational meeting:



The School Board will reach consensus in the selection of members to serve on such boards, organizations, committees as are required by law or Board policy or desired by the Board.



At the organizational meeting, the Board shall elect one member to serve on the county Value Adjustment Board. Additionally, the Board shall appoint one citizen member who owns a business occupying commercial space within the School District to the Value Adjustment Board.


F.S. 194.015



Day, Place, and Time



The Board shall designate a day, place, and time for regular and special meetings.





The Board may establish committees and sub-committees as the need arises.


Committees of Board members shall, when charged to do so by the Board, conduct studies, make recommendations to the Board, or take such actions as the Board requires. Meetings of such groups shall adhere to the requirements of Florida law including the Sunshine Law and Public Records law.



Legal Counsel


The Board will select and employ a person or firm to be the Board attorney to act as general counsel to the Board. The Board attorney will serve at the pleasure of the Board.


The Board attorney is authorized to represent the Board in all legal matters.


In all matters in which the Board attorney is unable to provide representation because of the need for specialized representation, or when it is otherwise in the best interests of the Board, the Board attorney shall assign the case to a law firm that has been approved by the Board.


After requesting proposals, the Board may select one or more attorneys or law firms to provide legal representation in matters that require specialized representation which the Board attorney cannot provide.


Nothing contained herein will prohibit the Board from retaining any attorney or law firm of its choosing for representation in a particular matter, or from requesting that the Board attorney and Superintendent search for attorneys or firms other than those listed for representation in a particular matter.


The Board attorney's client is the Board, not individual members of the Board, the Superintendent, or District staff.


The Superintendent and staff may utilize the services of the Board attorney as the Superintendent deems appropriate in the interest of the Board.


Individual Board members may contact the Board attorney directly to seek information and opinions concerning matters affecting the Board members in their official capacities or in matters concerning the Board, and the District. In the event a request from an individual Board member requires a substantial investment of time or resources in order to respond, the Board attorney shall advise the member that the matter should be brought up at the next regular Board meeting to see if a majority of the Board authorizes the attorney to proceed.


The Board attorney and attorneys or firms who are assigned to represent the Board pursuant to this policy are authorized to approve expenditures for ancillary costs of litigation including, but not limited to court reporters, travel expenses, expert witnesses for amounts not to exceed $6,000 per item. The Board approval is required for expense items greater than $6,000. If an emergency exists which adversely affects the Board's legal position prior to being able to obtain Board approval, the Board attorney is authorized to approve the expenditure after notifying individual Board members in advance of the expenditure. The matter shall be presented at the next regular Board meeting for a determination of whether to continue the action.


No legal or administrative complaint, appeal, or other action may be initiated or defended on behalf of the Board without prior Board approval. If Board approval is not obtained prior to the expiration of the time limits for such action, or the Board's legal position will be adversely affected by a delay, the Board attorney may authorize the initiation of the action after notifying the Board Chair. In such a case the matter will be presented at the next regular Board meeting for a determination whether to continue the action or defense. Board action is not required for the defense of property or casualty claims.


F.S. 1001.32(3)

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