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Policy Manual

2417 - Comprehensive Health Education

Pursuant to State law, the School Board shall provide an evidence-based, medically-accurate comprehensive health education curriculum that addresses concepts of community health; consumer health; environmental health; family life, including an awareness of the benefits of sexual abstinence as the expected standard and the consequences of teenage pregnancy for one's life, health, and development; mental and emotional health; injury prevention and safety; nutrition; personal health; prevention and control of disease; substance use and abuse; and teen dating violence and abuse.

The Board requires that this curriculum also include an evidence-based, medically-accurate, age-appropriate, and comprehensive reproductive and sexual health education curriculum. This curriculum shall include information about:

  A. abstinence as the only certain way to avoid pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS;


  B. the consequences of teenage pregnancy;


  C. the health benefits and side-effects of contraception and condoms;


  D. responsible decision-making, communication, and relationship skills; and


  E. the importance of family-child communication.


This curriculum shall be taught beginning in the 6th grade and continue throughout high school, and shall enable students to master the standards set forth in the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

The health education curriculum materials shall, at all times, reflect current theory, knowledge, and practice, and shall be evidence-based and proven effective. The curriculum materials shall be available for review at each school site.

Any student whose parent makes a written request to the school principal shall be permitted to opt-out from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS, its symptoms, development, and treatment. A student so exempted may not be penalized by reason of that exemption and shall be given alternative assignments during this time.

Personnel providing instruction human sexuality shall receive training based on District approved standards, prior to presenting such instruction.

F.S. 1003.42, 1003.43, 1003.46

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2011

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