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Policy Manual

2431 - Interscholastic Athletics

The Board recognizes the value to the students of the District and to the community of a program of interscholastic athletics for students as an integral part of the total school experience.

The program should foster the growth of school loyalty within the student body as a whole and stimulate community interest in athletics.

The game activities and practice sessions should provide many opportunities to teach the values of competition and good sportsmanship.

The program of interscholastic athletics should provide students the opportunity to exercise and test their athletic abilities.

For purposes of this policy, the program of interscholastic athletics shall include all activities relating to competitive sport contests, games, events, or sport exhibitions involving individual students or teams of students from high schools in this District. Middle school athletic teams may not play out-of-county or against out-of-county teams within the county.

All high schools shall be members of the Florida High School Athletic Association and shall be governed by rules and regulations of said organization.

The Board shall determine the standards of eligibility to be met by all students participating in the interscholastic program. Such standards shall require that each student be in good physical condition, be free of injury, and have fully recovered from illness before participating in any interscholastic athletic event. Students shall comply with the eligibility requirements established by the Florida High School Athletic Association. These requirements include but are not limited to residence, academic progress, physical examination, and attendance. Students and coaches shall also comply with regulations established by Athletics Guidebook of Procedures.

Since the primary purpose of the athletic program is to enhance the education of participating students as indicated in this policy, the Board places top priority on maximum student participation and the values of good sportsmanship, team play, and fair competition, rather than on winning, particularly at sub-varsity levels.

Only those students who have met the requirements listed below may participate in the program of interscholastic athletics:

  A. Maintained a satisfactory academic record


  B. Maintained a cumulative 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 unweighted scale in all courses taken through the previous semester


  C. Attended school regularly


  D. Maintained satisfactory conduct as defined and published in administrative procedures


  E. Returned all school and athletic equipment


The Superintendent shall develop appropriate administrative procedures for the operation of the athletic program. Such regulations should provide for the following safeguards:

  A. Prior to enrolling in the sport, each participant shall submit to a thorough physical examination by a licensed approved physician. Parents shall report any past or current health problems along with a physician's statement that any such problems have or are being treated and pose no threat to the student's participation. Physicals must be dated May 15th or later of the current school year.


  B. Any student who incurs an injury requiring a physician's care is to have the written approval of a physician prior to the student's return to participation.


  C. In order to minimize health and safety risks to student-athletes and maintain ethical standards, school personnel, coaches, athletic trainers, and lay coaches should never dispense, supply, recommend, or permit the use of any drug, medication, or food supplement solely for performance-enhancing purposes.


  D. The Superintendent is to ensure that sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity characterize the manner in which the athletic program is conducted and the actions of students who participate.


In order to support the Florida High School Athletic Association's program to strengthen sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity, the Board commits itself to

  A. adopt policies (upon recommendation of the administration) which reflect the District's educational objectives and promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity.


  B. reinforce the concept that participation in athletic activities are a privilege, not a right.


  C. attend and enjoy school athletic activities, serving as a positive role model and expecting the same from parents, fans, participants, coaches, and other school personnel.


  D. support and recognize participants, coaches, school administrators, and fans who display good sportsmanship.


  E. recognize the value of school athletic activities as a vital part of education.


The Superintendent shall develop and update as needed administrative procedures to implement this policy.

F.S. 1006.15, 1006.20

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