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Student Progression Plan

Home School Education

Program Overview

Home education is defined as "sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent in order to satisfy the attendance requirements.” (F.S. 1002.01)

A home education program is not a school district program and is registered with the district school superintendent only for the purpose of complying with the state’s attendance requirements. (F.S. 1003.21(1))

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Home School Enrollment

The parent must submit a letter of intent to home educate. The district will provide the parent with a letter of notification, documenting that the Home Education Program is registered with the state.

In order to meet attendance requirement, a student enrolled in a public school must continue attendance until the letter of notification is received from the district’s Home Education Office.

The parent is responsible for maintaining a portfolio of records and materials, providing an annual educational evaluation and complying with all home education requirements per Florida Statute.

Home Education instructional options include:

  • Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS) or Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and/or
  • part-time enrollment at the attendance area school or approved choice school, pending course availability.

When a home education student co-enrolls part time, the parent or guardian determines the grade level placement. However, home education co-enrolled students may not be considered seniors and are ineligible for senior privileges.

Home school students must be enrolled at a district school prior to their senior year to qualify for a Hillsborough County high school diploma.

Refer to the Florida Department of Education and the District Home Education website for program requirements and procedures.

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Home School Termination and Grade-level Placement

When a student ends a home school program, the parent is responsible for:

  • submitting a letter of termination to the Home Education Office; and
  • providing a portfolio of the student's work for each subject, the most recent home education annual evaluation, and official transcripts to the school of enrollment.

Students must meet the age requirements for initial placement in kindergarten or grade 1. Elementary placement is determined based on the student’s age and maturity, standardized achievement test results, state assessments, academic records, and evidence from the student’s home education portfolio. Refer to the Elementary Student Progression, Initial Placement section for additional information.

Upon review of the student’s home school and prior school records, the principal determines the student’s grade-level placement and validates grades and credits, if applicable. Refer to the High School, Validation of Credit section for additional information.

The student’s initial grade or course placement is subject to review based on the student’s actual performance during the first six weeks of enrollment for kindergarten through grade 5 and grading period for grades 6-12.

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